2024 Annual Appeal and Capital Campaign

Welcome to St. Christopher’s 65th Anniversary celebration and our Worship. Wellness. Wonder. Capital Campaign. This year, we are embracing our legacy of faith and community through our Annual Appeal and we are looking towards our future with a transformative capital campaign. Together, we aim to enrich our church's future and honor its storied past. Join us in this journey of stewardship, as we seek to enhance our beloved campus and continue our vibrant mission and ministry. Your support and prayers are invaluable in this endeavor.

Warm regards,

Mary Thickens & Tyler Kristopeit

Campaign Co-Chairs

Journey Through Time: Past, Present, and Future

Welcome to our journey through time at St. Christopher's. This section offers a window into our rich history, our current endeavors, and our ambitious vision for the future. Explore the "Past" to learn about our church's foundations, delve into the "Present" to see our ongoing commitments through the Annual Appeal, and look ahead with the "Future" as we embark on the transformative "Worship. Wellness. Wonder." Capital Campaign. Each tab is a testament to our enduring faith and the evolving story of our beloved parish.

St. Christopher's Episcopal Church has been a beacon of faith and community since its founding 65 years ago. Beginning with a fervent gathering on a chilly Christmas Eve in 1955, our church has grown from humble beginnings into a vibrant parish. Built on a former polo field, the church has been nurtured by generations of faithful stewardship. Each chapter of our history reflects a commitment to worship, fellowship, and service, making St. Christopher's a special place in the hearts of all who call it home.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • The Annual Appeal at St. Christopher's is a vital part of our stewardship and community support. It's an opportunity for our members to contribute financially, ensuring the ongoing vitality and fiscal integrity of our church. In the Bible, tithing represents a significant act of faith and commitment, as seen in verses like Malachi 3:10. As we celebrate our 65th year, maintaining our tradition of a balanced budget is crucial. We rely on your continued generosity to uphold this legacy. Your sustained giving enables us to continue our vital ministries and maintain our beautiful church and grounds.

  • The Capital Campaign, themed "Worship. Wellness. Wonder.", is our ambitious initiative to raise $1.5 million for Phase One of St. Christopher's Site Master Plan. This campaign aims to make significant improvements to our church campus, including re-excavation for better drainage, parking lot restoration, expansion of the Memorial Garden, labyrinth reconfiguration, and walkway enhancements. It's a call to action for our community to invest in the future of our church, ensuring that our physical space reflects and supports our spiritual and communal growth.

  • For the Annual Appeal, we are asking all members to maintain their current level of giving to ensure the church's operational needs are met and our fiscal integrity is upheld. When considering your pledge to the Capital Campaign, this should be viewed as an additional, separate contribution, focused on long-term improvements and projects detailed in the "Worship. Wellness. Wonder." initiative. This approach allows you to support both the immediate and future needs of St. Christopher's.

  • Yes, there is a matching gift for the Capital Campaign. This means that every dollar you pledge and contribute will be matched by a generous donor, effectively doubling the impact of your gift. This match is up to a certain amount, creating an incredible opportunity to maximize the financial support for our projects. It's a powerful way to enhance the value of your contribution, helping us reach our campaign goals more efficiently and effectively.

  • Phase I of the Capital Campaign at St. Christopher's covers several key projects:

    1. Re-excavation and drainage repair to address longstanding issues.
    2. Restoration of the parking lot for better accessibility and durability.
    3. Expansion of the Memorial Garden to honor more members of our community.
    4. Reconfiguration of the labyrinth as a space for meditation and reflection.
    5. Improvements to walkways for safety and aesthetic enhancement.

    These projects are designed to enhance our church's functionality and beauty, reflecting our commitment to Worship, Wellness, and Wonder.

  • Yes, every pledge to St. Christopher's is crucial. Our church relies on the collective support of our congregation to maintain our operations and to fund important improvements. Whether large or small, your pledge contributes to our fiscal health and our ability to fulfill our mission and vision. It's about coming together as a community, where each contribution, regardless of size, makes a significant impact. Your support ensures we can continue our spiritual and community programs, maintain our facilities, and plan for the future. 

  • Your willingness to contribute, regardless of the amount, is deeply valued. In the eyes of our church community, every gift, no matter its size, is a meaningful expression of commitment and love for St. Christopher's. Your participation in giving, at any level, is a cherished part of our collective effort to sustain and enhance our church. Remember, it's not the size of the gift that matters most, but the spirit of generosity and participation in our shared mission. Your contribution, in any form, is a blessing to our community.

    It's important to know that all giving at St. Christopher's is private and confidential. By making a pledge, regardless of the amount, you contribute to our ability to plan our budget effectively for the year. This planning is crucial for the continuity and growth of our programs and services, allowing us to fulfill our mission and serve our community better. Your contribution, in any form, is an essential part of this process.

  • We understand that circumstances can change, and we appreciate every intention to support St. Christopher's. If your situation changes and you're unable to fulfill your pledge, we simply ask for communication. Your pledge is not a binding contract, but an expression of your intention and support. It helps us plan responsibly for our church's future, but we always prioritize compassion and understanding for each member's individual circumstances.

  • Planned giving is a way for individuals to make significant charitable gifts, part of their financial or estate planning. It often involves financial instruments like bequests, trusts, or annuities, and can provide substantial benefits both to the donor and the church. This method of giving allows parishioners to leave a lasting legacy, supporting the long-term health and mission of St. Christopher's while potentially offering tax benefits and other financial advantages. It's a thoughtful way to ensure the church's future while honoring one's own financial planning.

  • Yes, you can give from your IRA, especially if you are over the age of 70½. This is known as a Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD) and can be a tax-efficient way to make a gift. QCDs can count towards your required minimum distribution (RMD) for the year, potentially providing tax benefits. However, it's important to consult with your financial advisor or tax professional to understand the specific implications and ensure that the gift aligns with your financial situation and giving goals.

  • In the Capital Campaign for St. Christopher's, contributions are allocated to the overall goals of Phase I, rather than to specific projects. This approach ensures that all critical areas of the campaign are adequately funded and allows for the most efficient use of resources towards the collective improvement of our church campus.

How Do I pledge?

To pledge your support to St. Christopher's, you can contact the church office via phone or email for assistance. Alternatively, for a convenient and quick process, simply click the picture below. This will direct you to our secure online pledge form, where you can comfortably make your commitment to both the Annual Appeal and the Capital Campaign. Your generous support is a cornerstone of our church's growth and vitality.

Click here to Pledge ONline - https://mkehomes.typeform.com/to/zjtgwchi