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Welcome to St. Christopher's Church, located in River Hills, Wisconsin. 

All are welcome to join us for service and celebration. 

Our Episcopal Church serves hundreds of families from all-walks-of-life and backgrounds. 

Please visit us for Worship + Wellness + Wonder. 

COVID-19 UPDATE (current as of 1/30/2022)

St. Christopher's will reopen to in-person Worship effective February 1, 2022. In-person worship will be conducted in accordance with the protocols established by the Rector and Vestry (see below). Our first service will be 7:30 am Morning Prayer in the Williamsburg Room on Wednesday, February 2nd, followed by resumption of both 8am and 10am services in-person Sunday February 6th.

Worship will continue to be livestreamed on our Facebook Page (visit: www.stc.social) or YouTube (visit: www.stc.video) at 10am on Sundays. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Church Office. 

St. Christopher's COVID Mitigation Protocol
Presently, St. Christopher’s maintains and monitors an intentional mitigation strategy for the current state of coronavirus infection in our community:


  1. Vaccination - We strongly urge everyone in attendance to be fully vaccinated, including boosters, where applicable.  We are thankful that our parish has an exceptionally high vaccination rate.  It is our chief mitigation tool.
  2. Environmental Mitigation – The HVAC system in the church is retrofitted with four bio-ionizer units.  Ionizers work by creating a static charge around airborne contaminants. The compromised particles stick to the nearest surface they find, most especially intake filters which have been upgraded to a high-efficiency Merv-13 level.  The system makes a complete circulation of church air 5.9 times per hour.  In addition to ionizers built into the HVAC system itself, we have strategically positioned portable ionizer units for added mitigation.  The portable units are also moved around the building as people gather for fellowship or meetings.
  3. Face Covering – We urge any unvaccinated persons wear a face covering in church.  For added personal protection, we encourage others to use coverings at their discretion.  Face coverings are provided as a courtesy at each entrance.  For anyone immunocompromised, we encourage the use of a N95 covering which offers superior protection.  Upon request we have a modest supply available. Clergy presently use face coverings when dispensing Communion. 

 The broad variance of protocol throughout society speaks to the considerable complication of mitigation.  While no strategy is without drawbacks or risk, physical or otherwise, we feel the present strategy serves our community well.  In our effort to faithfully serve all our people, we live-stream our 10am Service for those who prefer virtual involvement at this time. An archive of recordings can be found in our YouTube Channel. 

In keeping with the tenants of our faith, an essential component of our coronavirus strategy is the embrace of loving kindness and mutual respect.  Even as physical protocols are primary mitigation to physical illness, the love of Christ is primary protection for our souls against the infection of shame, judgement, and anger.  We thank you for your understanding, and are delighted you are here.