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Welcome to St. Christopher's Church, located in River Hills, Wisconsin. 

All are welcome to join us for service and celebration. 

Our Episcopal Church serves hundreds of families from all-walks-of-life and backgrounds. 

Please visit us for Worship + Wellness + Wonder. 

COVID-19 Mitigation Protocol (current as of 03/01/2022)

St. Christopher’s maintains an intentional mitigation strategy reflecting the current state of coronavirus infection in our community:


  1. Vaccination - We strongly urge everyone in attendance to be fully vaccinated, including boosters, where applicable.  We are grateful that our parish has an exceptionally high vaccination rate.  It is our chief mitigation tool.
  2. Environmental Mitigation – The church HVAC system is retrofitted with four bio-ionizer units.  Ionizers work by creating a static charge around airborne contaminants. The compromised particles stick to the nearest surface they find, especially intake filters which have been upgraded to a high-efficiency ‘Merv-13’ level.  The system makes a complete circulation of church air 5.9 times per hour. We also have portable ion units to be moved into positions where people gather for fellowship or meetings.
  3. Face Covering – The use of face-covering is left to individual discretion; a matter of personal protection. We encourage the unvaccinated, immunocompromised, or persons seeking an additional layer of protection to consider the use of a covering - specifically N95. Research strongly suggests a high degree of protection for individuals who are vaccinated, boosted and wearing a high-quality face covering, regardless of what other individuals around them may choose.

The broad variance of protocol in society speaks to the considerable complication of mitigation.  While no strategy is without drawbacks or risk, physical or otherwise, we feel the present strategy serves our community well.  To faithfully serve all our people, we live-stream the 10am Service for those who prefer virtual involvement. An archive of recordings is stored in our YouTube Channel. 


In keeping with the tenets of our faith, an essential component of our coronavirus strategy is the embrace of loving kindness and mutual respect.  Even as physical protocols are primary mitigation to physical illness, the love of Christ is primary protection for our souls against the infection of shame, judgement, and anger.  We thank you for your understanding, and are delighted you are here.