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An Important Message from Our Rector

Varied, unpredictable, and yet powerfully genuine and eternally loving are the works of The Holy Spirit in our lives - as individuals, as faith family, and as The Universal Church. Taking that fervent belief to heart, I share news of a profound discernment bearing implications for us all. (click here to con't reading)

A Message from Our Wardens

Dear St. Christopher’s Family,

On the afternoon of May 2nd, the Episcopal Diocese of Albany, New York, announced that our Rector, Father Geoffrey Ward, was named as one of the candidates for the upcoming election for the Bishop of Albany. Father Geoff did not seek this circumstance; it was brought to him for careful consideration. (click here to con't reading)

Welcome to St. Christopher's Church, located in River Hills, Wisconsin. 

All are welcome to join us for service and celebration. 

Our Episcopal Church serves hundreds of families from all-walks-of-life and backgrounds. 

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